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“If I hadn't seen the website when I did, I would have chose abortion and my little brown eyed girl Emily and I would have never met.” Lori, 27

How the Life Donor Program works…
Today, more and more young women are using the Internet to email and chat with their friends. Now with our highly advanced software we are able to place Internet ads in front of women most likely to experience an unplanned pregnancy. See sample ad below.

Sample Ad

This ad links to the www.OptionLine.orgwhere women can get immediate help and discover alternatives to abortion. Research has indicated that 70% of women contacting OptionLine and believing they may be pregnant are considering an abortion. But Care Net's statistics show that 9 out of 10 women, upon visiting their local Care Net pregnancy center, WILL CHOOSE LIFE for their baby!

How Your Monthly Tax Deductible Contributions Save Lives…
For every gift of $24, it is estimated that we will reach yet another 6 women who will actually make contact with Care Net via the Option Line website. Your ongoing participation will help to save potentially more lives each month.

Imagine a woman choosing an abortion because she was unaware of the caring support and alternatives already available to her. Now you can help save the lives of unborn babies by showing those with unplanned pregnancies that they DO HAVE OPTIONS.

Begin saving babies from abortion today by joining the LifeDonor Network with as little as $24 a month.

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We believe the Life Donor Program provides a unique way to reach young women who may be facing crisis pregnancies with the option to choose life for their unborn babies.
— Donald E. Wildmon
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

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